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"Single Combat"
Give me a minute to ask you a question,
Give me some seconds to wake up your mind.
I will be there and I will be patient.
Send me a message with dove from your side.

Say, 'You may wait', and I'll stay outdoors
Waiting for call - what a foolish delight!
Nothing to do: Every minute's so bored:
Something like worm eats my poor heart inside,

Crawling and sizzling as Devil's creation,
Asking to open the gate outwards:
Stop! I can break this enticing sensation,
I can be deaf to the meaningless words!

:Why are we blind and so awfully cold?
Ears from gold and the heart's made from steel:
Rip unconcern, keep your honour unsold,
Drop sharp-cut sword - use your boundless will:

Декабрь 2001 - январь 2002